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    “What you don’t know, can’t help you!”

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You are at the home of the National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisors, Inc.

We hope that you will find your stay here valuable to you as a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage producer.

NAMSA is an association of Medicare Insurance producers whose mission is to  provide Medicare beneficiaries with the best possible knowledge, in  order for the consumer to make educated choices in their Medicare  Insurance selections.

Our motto, “What you don’t know, can’t help you!” is founded in the fact that an educated producer needs to know information beyond normal company functions, and impart that knowledge to their clients.

Go to Why NAMSA? to find out why you will want to join us now.

Knowledge of basic Medicare, Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and  Medicare Part D concepts are enhanced by our Advanced Medicare courses. We follow that with a continual updating to our members through our association newsletter, the NAMSA Newsletter.

Take a look at the various benefits offered by the association in the Why NAMSA? portal.  Also, look at the other features of the association and  determine how you would best like to proceed in becoming a member.

Keep in mind the great opportunities in store for you, as our country goes  from 40 million people to 80 million on Medicare over the next quarter  century.

We look forward to having you join us and working with you to develop a  greater understanding of what Medicare producers have to offer and  keeping you up to date with Medicare matters in these exciting and  turbulent times.

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